“Dear Customer, you’re a/c is debited with…”

One message that brightens up even the worst day of a month. What’s the next thing you do? Plan to meet your friends for dinner or splurge on that outfit you’ve been eyeing for a while now. Nothing better than friends or retails therapy, right? But sooner or later, you realize you have bills to pay — ideas to save start kicking in. Does it work?

Maybe for some. But as the new month starts, you forget the plans and, voila, you splurge!

In the course of the month, there are festivals, birthdays, weddings, and night outs. You spend at the drop of a hat. By the time it’s mid-month, you are on the edge of being broke. You start calculating AGAIN, don’t you?

What goes on in your mind then?

“Excuses to cancel plans.”

“Ways to spend less on food and travel.”

“Control daily spends till the next payday.”

The best version of economic you comes out budgeting for the rest of the month. You know how painful and troublesome these next few days are. Waiting for your salary with an emptying wallet. Funny and well-thought excuses come in handy while canceling plans. Have any? Budgeting with the very-less left starts.

Meanwhile, there also come times when the actual payday arrives, yet your salary doesn’t. Your payday just moved a day or two, maybe because it’s a weekend or bank holiday. In such cases, you make desperate attempts to get some cash, like, “Checking pockets of your shirts, pants, and bags” in case you had left some money on one of those days. You know the drill.

Sometimes payday isn’t enough to manage the whole month.

But month-end doesn’t have to be dead end.

You can wish if you could receive the monthly salary in advance, don’t you? Good news! It is now possible to avail of an advance salary loan for this crucial phase of a month. LazyPay at your service, enjoy the advance salary loan offered by LazyPay based on your credit limit. Easy money.

LazyPay also offers this loan free of interest for 15 days with a comfortable repayment option. Your way out of cash crunch. Whether you are paying your phone bills on Vodafone, sharing a ride on Quickride or ordering a meal for one from Swiggy, you can just LazyPay and repay after payday.

Last modified: December 31, 2019



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