When the weekend is here, and your buddies are coming over, what’s your go-to food that is also a must? Duh. Pizza! However, to top it with pineapple or not, that is a different question.

A pizza party for a slumber party or a binge-watching night out always gets a universal ‘yes’. Having said that, there comes a time when you are reluctant to throw this party because of a cash crunch, maybe due to the month-end syndrome.

You don’t want to give up on the ritual just yet. So, what are the other options you look for?

“Pick up some chips and soft drinks.”

“Ask for contribution.”

Or… “BYOF – Bring your own food” (may not necessarily fly well with your guests)

While you are at it confused, the plan is already made and the day is fixed with the same old we-will-see habit. Don’t worry, you have Swiggy

The only thing that runs in your head is what kind of pizzas to order and who likes which one. You remember what happened the last time when the party fell short of pizza, and there was an argument on who got more slices. Though the memories are refreshing, the worry of cash-crunch strikes when the day arrives and you realize that you are short on cash. Although you can ask your friends, you wish it is better if you have a way out and keep the money-collection worry out of the evening schedule.

We have a fantastic solution to this matter. Pick your favorite pizzas and order from Swiggy using LazyPay, using any of the Swiggy offer. You don’t have to worry about paying from your wallet now. On top of it, avail the LazyPay offers.

Yes! You read it absolutely right!

LazyPay offers a great deal to help you enjoy and celebrate the weekend with your friends over multiple pizzas. No more worry about if you have enough money or not. There are existing Swiggy offers and, with LazyPay. It’s a deal to pay later, pay less.

Don’t compromise with pizza. Now, you want it topped with pineapple or not?

Last modified: December 19, 2019



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