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What is Scan & Pay?

This is the fastest way to transact on different merchants. Now, you can transact on any merchant, be it online or offline, who accepts UPI payment. Just ‘Scan QR’ and use your LazyPay UPI id to make the payment

How do I get access to ‘Scan & Pay’?

You need go to LazyPay app –> Go to the Scan & Pay tab –> ‘Activate Now’ to register yourself. Once it is complete you can start using ‘Scan & Pay’

How does it work?

You can now use you’re the ‘Scan & Pay’ feature to pay to merchants on using your LazyPay Credit Limit. So, you can transact on at any brick and mortar store by scanning UPI QR code or while shopping online, use your LazyPay UPI ID to transact on any online merchants. You can find your LazyPay UPI id in the ‘Scan & Pay’ Tab.

What do I need to do to ‘Activate’ this?

Just go to LazyPay app –> Scan & Pay –> ‘Activate Now’. We will send one SMS to verify your number, upon successful verification you could start using UPI. Please note, KYC is mandatory to start using ‘Scan & Pay’

Is KYC mandatory to use ‘Scan & Pay’?

Yes, only successful KYC users would be able to use Scan & Pay feature.

I don’t have access to the SIM with which I am registered on LazyPay. Will I be able to use this?

No, you would not be able to Activate ‘Scan & Pay’ feature without the SIM present on the device.

How do I complete my KYC?

Please check on the following link to complete your KYC –

When will my KYC get approved?

We usually approve any KYC cases within 1-2 working days of submission. However, with the surge in volume you could expect slight delay.

Where can I transact?

You can now transact on all the merchants where UPI is accepted. For online payments, use your LazyPay UPI id on Ola, Uber, Myntra etc. You can also transact at stores around you, just look for Bharat/BHIM QR around you.

Can I send money to my friend?

No, you can only transact on different merchants, transferring money to non-merchants is not allowed.

Can I withdraw money using the UPI handle?

No, you can not withdraw money to your account using this UPI handle

How do I transact?

You can transact using two methods – a) Scan any Bharat/BHIM QR code and complete the transaction at any stores around you. B) You can use your LazyPay UPI id at checkout for any website / app, and approve the transaction request on the LazyPay app to complete the transaction.

How do I get refund?

Any refund processed would get credited to your account. Your LazyPay outstanding balance would get adjusted accordingly

How do I raise a dispute?

You can raise disputes through multiple ways – a) Through the LazyPay app – Need Help section b) You can also select the transaction and initiate a request c) You can also drop us an email to with your transaction ID.

How will my dispute get resolved?

Any dispute arising would be handled as per the NPCI defined dispute settlement framework.

Why am I not able to transaction on certain merchants?

We are currently not allowing transactions on all the merchants. These decisions are based on multiple factors like risk level etc. Do write to us in case you want us to enable any particular merchants. We will evaluate the merchants.

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