All set to go on a vacation with your best buddies but haven’t made the hotel bookings yet? Hotel bookings can be difficult last minute, especially, with budget constraints and holiday season. Some say that accommodation is one of crucial factors of any vacation. So, don’t let holiday or last minute surge ruin your holiday. Just book now and pay later on your holiday bookings.

Yes, you read it right. Now, you can book your hotels now and pay later. This is made possible by LazyPay, which is one of the country’s best online credit platform.

How Can You Use the Buy Now Pay Later Hotels with LazyPay?

Apart from using the pay later option on takeouts, electronics, and more, you can even book your hotels now and pay for the booking later. How? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Register yourself on LazyPay using your mobile number
  2. Find out your unique credit limit
  3. Select the site which has LazyPay registered as the payment option
  4. Select the hotel that you want to book. Ensure that it fits in your credit limit
  5. Pay using LazyPay. That’s all!

Soon, you will get a confirmation that your hotels are booked, and you can pay later. This buy now pay later hotels with LazyPay is exceptionally flawless. And, it offers you the convenience of paying later, at a fixed time, without any difficulty.

What Is the Advantage of Buy Now Pay Later Hotels with Lazypay?

Buy now pay later hotels with the LazyPay option not just helps you to book any accommodation you like without having to pay now. Instead, you have the choice to book any hotel you want, even at the last minute and pay later. LazyPay gives you the option to book the accommodation you like, without having to worry about instant cash. Instead, you can relax, and book whatever hotel you want with the comfort of paying later without any stress.

All set to book your hotel with a pay later option? Quickly register yourself on LazyPay, select the best hotel, confirm the booking and sit back and relax! Check your credit limit at LazyPay now.

Last modified: December 30, 2019



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