Wedding is generally considered a crazy time for families. Filled with interesting and often, hilarious characters. The planning time for a proper wedding can rival the war room meetings of famous armies.

Chachu has a peanut allergy; aunty needs a soft bed.

Pinky, one of the many Pinky-named cousins, needs her naan to be gluten-free.

On top of that roses have to be red, and the guests have to be well-fed. Weddings need a lot of planning, period.

Wedding Goals

Thanks to Bollywood, Instagram, and media coverage of celebrity weddings, everyone wants that fairy tale wedding. A wedding celebration involves a plethora of wedding chores: preparation of sets, arranging decorative elements, preparing hospitality, wedding dance, entertainment, and the list goes on Phew! To make that list happen, you need a planner, who goes extravagant but never forgets the budget, as well as a gang of people for proper coordination and execution of all the specific events. You don’t want to mess things up on your wedding day, do you? No couple can have loose ends in their weddings.

When add all these above factors, you would’ve to loosen up those purse strings.

Now let’s talk about the budget. Everyone dreams big and makes a list of things they want in making their wedding memorable. A big matter of concern in realizing this dream wedding is the cost of it all. Wedding planners to hospitality services, it takes quite a lot of money to make that dream, happen

A way out

Well though it might cost a fortune, we assure you there is nothing unfortunate. Behold, the personal loan! Today, such wedding loans are easily available online and can be applied with less hassle and without much documentation processes.

LazyPay is the way

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Last modified: December 19, 2019